Edureka Review: Is It Worth It In 2024?

If you’re looking for a career path in technology, you may have come across Edureka. But now you may be wondering…

Are the classes worth the money? Will they help me grow my career faster? Are the courses good quality?

In this post, I answer all these questions and more.

I watched over 3 hours of online learning platform reviews, read through 15+ articles, and scrolled through dozens of forum discussions where programmers, data scientists, and students shared opinions on Edureka.

I also read every single page on the Edureka website, stalked all their social media accounts, and signed up for their platform.

This post aggregates everything I found.

If you want to know what to really expect, I recommend you stick to the end.

What Is Edureka

Edureka is an online learning platform mainly for IT (Information Technology) professionals looking to enhance their skills.

Founded in 2011, it offers courses in programming, data science, cloud computing, DevOps, AppDev, cybersecurity, data visualization, and project management.

They provide high-quality educational content online through certified programs.

And according to their website, many of their alumni work for top companies such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, and KPMG.

This is great and all, but you may be wondering:

What’s Different About Edureka (4 Unique Features)

There are many online learning platforms out there today. What makes Edureka different?

I find that Edureka has 4 unique features.

On Edureka’s “About Us” page they start by saying:

There are countless online education marketplaces on the internet. And there’s us. We are not the biggest. We are not the cheapest. But we are the fastest growing. We have the highest course completion rate in the industry.

After that, they say once a student commits to a course, they commit to the student.

This is the first main difference between Edureka and other platforms—the personal touch and 1-on-1 approach.

They want to make sure you don’t waste your money on another course you don’t use. And to do this Edureka offers you support 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

It’s why when you sign up to join any course, they ask not only for your email but also for your phone number.

They encourage you to call their toll-free number if you have any doubts. This is much faster than filling out a contact form and waiting weeks for a reply.

You can even call them for free career counseling. Edureka wants to make sure you pick the right course for your career goals.

The second big difference is the classes are live.

While most platforms are all about self-learning (you’re on your own), Edureka has live video and interaction with the instructors.

Every week there’s a new batch of live classes you can join. You’ll be joining an actual online classroom with other students.

This is great because you can have all your questions answered immediately.

You can also choose self-paced learning, which allows you to begin any time you want. Instead of live classes, you’ll learn through videos, PowerPoint presentations, and practical exercises.

The third difference is the free access to the Edureka community.

Unlike other platforms, you don’t even have to create an account to read what Edureka learners are saying.

You’ll find students helping each other with technical questions on IT and computer science, but also career advice and salary expectations.

The fourth difference is the pricing model, explained below:

How to Join Edureka

Unlike most online learning platforms, Edureka does not offer access to all courses in exchange for a monthly subscription.

Instead, you only join the courses you want.

You are not forced to pay for access to all courses and programs.

Edureka’s pricing varies from program to program. They start at $179 but can cost as much as $1,500.

To join? Go to their official website and choose one of the 100+ live courses (full list here).

Every course page has a detailed description of what you get:

Who is the course for, why enroll, how to make sure it is the right course for you, what tools you’ll learn, how long it takes to finish it on average, salary expectations after completion, prerequisites, and reviews from previous learners.

On your course’s page, click “Enroll Now” to enroll. They then ask for your email and phone number before you’re taken to the payment page.

They accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

You can use the discount code live30 for 30% off on all live courses or masters30 for 30% off on all master courses.

Hopefully these discount codes still work by the time you read this.

Who Is Edureka For

Edureka is ideal for you if you are:

  • A working professional who wants to enhance your skills.
  • A college student or recent graduate looking for your first gig in programming, IT, or data science.
  • Someone who wants to master new technologies.

In general, Edureka’s programs are great for those looking for a career change or to get started in the field.

What Other Students Are Saying About Edureka

Overall the reviews are positive and highlight the following:

  • High-quality content.
  • Courses follow industry standards.
  • Teachers provide clear explanations of concepts with real-life scenarios.
  • Hands-on exercises during the sessions to put the theory into practice.
  • Completion certificates that show you’re proactive and work hard.
  • Partnerships with top universities and companies.
  • 24/7 technical and educational support.
  • 3-day money-back policy.

You can visit Edureka’s reviews page to see full testimonials from students.

You must read this page before signing up. Why?

Because the reviews are taken directly from LinkedIn, which means you can see previous learners’ career paths and consider if you want to follow something similar for yourself.

If so, then it’s very likely Edureka will accelerate your career.

It’s also worth noting that Edureka has been featured in the media lots of times for being a fast-growing technology company. Also for their helpful initiatives, reports, and surveys for technology professionals.

For example, in 2018 Edureka published a skills report that revealed the top 5 technical skills to master for a high-income job based on the career path of 17,000 learners.

But that’s not all.

There’s even more free material Edureka offers on their blog, including ebooks, cheat sheets, and interview questions and answers.

Edureka Review: The Verdict

It’s foolish to expect that a 3-6 week Edureka course will guarantee you land a job.

The life cycle of programming and data science projects is much bigger than what can be compressed into 3 weeks of classes.


Edureka is a good start. It may help you get internships and grow your skills further.

And as a technology professional, improving your skills is no longer a choice.

A previous skill report by Edureka found you need to up-skill 15-20 times in your career to stay relevant in the competitive IT industry.

And Edureka is an affordable way to do just that.

It offers high-quality live classes with instructors who will know you by name.

This is very different from the dispassionate approach of other online learning platforms where you’re on your own.

There’s also a big focus on hands-on learning through real-life projects. And a support team available 24/7 to help you with any issues.

Based on all of this, Edureka is a good investment for aspiring technology professionals.

Hope this helps.

Have you enrolled? If so, what course did you take and how was your experience? Leave your comments below.

Have any further questions I didn’t answer? Let me know in the comments.

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